Angels have always fascinated me, seeing such beauty and power soring above has long been something I have always loved to see. As my art has grown so has my loved for seeing this beautiful imagery and with that has come a desire to recreate such iconic and majestic images. I am fortunate to have amazing friends how share the passion to create works of art.

We got very lucky to have the chance to shoot at the Fright Factory in Buckley, Wa. This was the perfect place to shoot this scene. It was creepy and it offered a few awesome options of background scenery. We settled on the jungle scene with tons of dolls hanging from the walls and ceiling.  Needless t say it was creepy.

I am super happy with the outcome of the shot. Both powerful and creative. Being able to work with such charismatic , creative and genuine people brings out the best in me. I am thankful for amazing friends.


Group shot

Below is the final image.


Here is a layer break down of the final piece.


Please show support to those who were involved.