Living in Seattle I am blessed to have so many big cons near me, and Emerald City Comic Con is one of my favorites. Being able to shoot there is very rewarding. Also having the best cosplayers in the industry and  Lara Lunardi is not only a great friend but she is one of the most talented artist I have had the privilege of working with. We always have a blast shooting together. I am always able to get some amazing shots of her awesome work. Plus, she is fun to hang out with.

I am amazing just look below lol.

This her talent honestly is amazing. This is the process of how she put together this cosplay in her words.

The costume was done in 3 days, before the convention. I used mostly foam (a yoga mat), worbla and wood. The wooden parts were for the weapons. 

The costume cost around $50. Probably one of the cheapest ones i have done!

The inspiration obviously came from the Destiny games. The nighthawk gear was always my favorite and I really wanted to tackle that armor in real life. - Lara


Overall I am very thankful to have the chance to shoot with some amazing talent, if you have not already be sure to check out her page and see all of her amazing work. Below is the final edit from the shot I got. Enjoy.